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If you are looking for 100% accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive lists of Canadian business directory and key contact information for your sales and marketing teams, Scott’s industry-leading b2b business directory information is your one-stop solution.

We provide comprehensive & verified business lists for B2B services, industrial sectors, manufacturing companies list, healthcare, education marketplace, and wholesalers & distributors. Our Canadian business database has helped thousands of sales and marketing teams across Canada to generate qualified leads and higher conversion rates.

Targeting B2B Canadian companies is a lot easier when you are using a business list filtered based on geographic location, company size, revenue or other specifics related to the type of business you’re searching for. For example, you can easy search for Toronto business directory, Canadian manufacturer’s directory, Ontario business directory, Western business directory, Greater Montreal Business etc. by company size, annual revenue, products or services offered and more. Moreover 330,000 key executive contacts enable your sales and marketing teams to target and convert prospects into customers.

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Turn prospects into customers with Canada’s best business data!

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Canada business database

To conduct accurate research in your field, or to maximize efficiency with your sales team, you need a premium Canada business database. Scott’s Canada business directory is your most reliable source of leads for your sales department and source material for your research and marketing teams.

The truth is, the numbers do matter. The number of businesses. The number of contacts. The number of fields of information. The number of categories. But if your data isn’t accurate, the numbers won’t matter nearly as much, mostly because they’re unlikely to be correct.

Scott’s Canada business directory allows you to search and sort by annual revenue or number of employees, as well as over 20 other fields in our Canada business database.

Getting the numbers wrong can seriously impact the effectiveness of your sales and marketing teams. Your research may be wrong as a result- and your sales could plummet. Choosing a reputable data provider such as Canada’s business database is the easiest way to ensure that your numbers are accurate and up-to-date.

Every bit as important as the information on the business is the information on the people that work there. Whether it’s C-level contacts, sales contacts, marketing departments, IT departments or Human Resource departments, having the names can make a big difference in the time it takes you to reach a new client. It can also help you frame up the size of your market, particularly if you are targeting a specific division in a particular sector of the market.

Scott’s Canada business directory has over 330,000 key contacts, making it your one-stop resource for your sales and marketing needs.

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