Scott’s Market Surveys

Scott’s Market Surveys are a great way to gain insight into your target market via direct contact with your potential customers. Find out what your customers think with an in-market phone survey from Scott’s, Canada’s most trusted brand for business data and marketing services.

  • All Scott’s phone surveys start with Scott’s premium business data, so you’re able to target your clients by category, size, revenue, number of employees and key contacts to create the ideal list for your research.
  • Scott’s market surveys are the perfect tool for competitive analysis or to help build your go2market strategy. They are also an effective tool for lead generation and for qualifying prospects.
  • Scott’s Market Surveys are predominantly call-based person-to-person surveys leveraging closed questions to make it easy to analyse and segment the responses. Scott’s also uses fax and email, depending on the nature of the survey and the targeted category.




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