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Your search for a wholesaler’s directory ends here with Scott’s Directories. Our National Industrial Database will give you a full list of wholesalers in Canada, and will give you up to 35 points of data on all these Canadian wholesale distributors and their contacts. Our extensive database makes it the most effective Canadian database on the market.

Within our wholesale distributors directory, you’ll find thousands of company profiles, up to date with accurate and complete data on each individual company. Our database contains information on key contacts of decision makers within those companies to help your team connect with the right person.

Equipping your sales team with the right tools is key to a successful business. Scott’s Directories is a premier research and lead generation tool which will help your business find high-value, profitable sales leads. With our online subscription you can empower your team by providing them with information that is available in the cloud in our easy to use online portal, so it can be accessed at any time.

It is the tool you need to develop the right strategy with the right information to improve lead generation and closing rates. There are dozens of different ways to filter, including an Export Indicator, which allows you to search businesses by their exportation policies.


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