Importing Data into Salesforce

  • Automatically enhance your customer profiles
  • Sales reps don’t need to spend time searching for new business leads
  • Eliminates the need to continually validate, correct and update your customer data

Companies that use Salesforce will typically need to import to Salesforce at some point, and then enter data into Salesforce on an ongoing basis. The nature and origin of the data imported into Salesforce can vary wildly, as can its purpose.

Some companies import data in an attempt to update and complete their existing customer profiles, which allows them to better segment their clients and potentially identify opportunities for cross-selling going forward. Others are looking to flesh out leads their reps have turned up, enabling them to better prepare for the initial sales contact.

Whatever the use-case or desired outcome, one thing is clear: importing data into Salesforce, and maintaining it once it’s there, is invariably more complicated than it sounds, which can have negative impacts on your lead management system.

With any kind of data import, the lead management in Salesforce has requirements. The data needs to be prepared and uploaded according to SF formatting guidelines. And if you’re importing data for the purposes of matching it and appending it to your existing Accounts, Leads, or Contacts – you need to identify matches, duplicates, and net new records first to avoid appending the wrong information to an existing account, or inadvertently duplicating one.

Fortunately, there is an easier way to match and append customer data in Salesforce—and to import new records without creating duplicate entries or causing problems with your workflow.

Scott’s Directories for Salesforce is the new Salesforce App Exchange application that enables companies to match, append, and source detailed business and contact information automatically. There is no uploading, no manual matching and de-duping, and no ongoing research needed to keep your customer data complete and up-to-date.

This means that your Salesforce lead management can become much more effective, while actually using less effort.

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Here’s How it Works

Simply install the Scott’s Directories app in your Salesforce instance and it will automatically add Scott’s premium data to your existing Accounts and Contacts, and keep them up-to-date on an ongoing basis.

Unmatched or incomplete records can be matched manually with a single click—just pick from the list of possible matches to add Scott’s premium data to your Account or Contact profiles instantly.

Users can also identify new high-value prospects in the Scott’s database right in Salesforce using a variety of easy-to-use search filters and tools. You can search by company or by contact. And once you identify the records you want, you can import them directly into your Salesforce instance either as Accounts, Contacts, or Leads.

All licensed Users have unlimited access to the Scott’s database, so you don’t have to worry about managing credit limits or overages for your team. And only unmatched records are imported to avoid duplication or unnecessary storage costs.

You can add Users for as little as a dollar a day and you can customize your data set in advance, so you only purchase the data you really need.

For over 60 years, Scott’s Directories has served as the trusted source of Canadian business data for Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, thousands of small and medium-sized businesses, and some of the country’s largest learning institutions and public libraries.

Now it’s available in Salesforce too!

Spend less time trying to manage and enrich your data and more time selling. Call us today to find out how Scott’s Directories for Salesforce can automatically enrich your CRM data and give your sales reps the sales intelligence they need to succeed.

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