Data Piracy is real… and it costs everyone. Don’t be a data pirate! When people steal our data and use it without paying for it, it not only impacts our company, it impacts our pricing, which impacts our customers. But that’s not all that affects you. Data thieves are empowered to steal opportunities from our paying customers, often times because they can be more competitive with their pricing, given that their costs are so much lower (due to the fact that they are stealing data, not paying for it). The irony is that those who steal data count on companies like yours to pay for the data so that companies like ours can continue to produce it at such a high level. If nobody paid for data, we couldn’t afford to spend thousands and thousands of hours gathering and verifying it. So data thieves need lawful customers like you to ensure that they have a high quality product to steal. Data theft is, of course, illegal. A person who steals, or assists another in stealing, Scott’s Directories’ data is liable to Scott’s Directories for damages and can be subject to fines or imprisonment. That’s serious. As a customer, you can help us fight piracy. That means, unless specifically agreed to or consented to by Scott’s Directories, you MAY NOT:
  • Share your Scott’s Directories login credentials
  • Share information downloaded from Scott’s Directories
  • Develop a means of accessing Scott’s Directories’s platform by anyone who is not a licensed user
  • Use Scott’s Directories data for any company that is not a Scott’s Directories customer
  • Use Scott’s Directories data in any commercial product or service
  • Continue to use Scott’s Directories data after your license is terminated or expires
If you are not a current Scott’s Directories customer with a valid license, you MAY NOT:
  • Log in to Scott’s Directories’s platform
  • Ask a Scott’s Directories authorized user to provide login credentials or other means of accessing Scott’s Directories’s platform
  • Request or knowingly receive Scott’s Directories data from anyone
  • Use Scott’s Directories data for any purpose
  • Knowingly allow another person to use Scott’s Directories data for your commercial benefit
  • Violating these restrictions can constitute one or more of the following: copyright infringement, misappropriation, unjust enrichment, breach of contract, and other torts and/or crimes.
CONTACT US If you learn about theft or unauthorized use of Scott’s Directories data, please let us know. You can reach us at: 1-844-402-2076 or at We will not disclose your identity except with your permission in response to valid, compulsory legal process, or in response to a valid discovery request.