Current Scott’s Directory Customer Solutions

Are you a current Scott’s customer? Are you looking to improve your marketing and sales proficiency? We have a variety of upgrade solutions to improve your competitive edge and achieve better results.

Book Buyer - Upgrade to an Online Subscription

Scott’s Directories has made a company decision to help our environment and no longer produce our data in book format. All of our previous book subsets are available in an easy to use online subscription that allows you to easily filter and segment the companies and contacts you are looking for in a much quicker way than flipping through pages in a book.

Our customer service team is dedicated in assisting you in the product training to help your team be more efficient while using the data. Give us a call to get started.

Online Subscription Member - Upgrade options

Supercharge your lead generation programs by upgrading your Scott’s current-year online performance version with one of the following upgrade options.

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Profiler Account Holder

Obtain a 100% trade-in value on your current-year version to put towards your upgrade to a Prospector and take advantage of the ability to download your most valuable leads for easy import to your CRM for sales follow-up and nurturing.


Prospector Standard Account Holder

Scott’s offers additional download capacity in incremental portions for improved control and flexibility of your marketing and sales initiatives. You can also opt for a 100% trade-in value towards an upgrade to the Prospector Unlimited Account version. This version offers unlimited download capacity during your 12-month membership term, plus up to four additional seats to improve the efficiency of your staff members.

MULTI-Seat Option for Online Buyers:

Improve the effectiveness of your staff members by adding them to your current-year Scott’s Profiler, Prospector Standard or Prospector Unlimited Account version. You may add members to your account by opting for additional licensed seats anytime during your 12-month membership term. Any additional seats requested after 6-month use of a membership term will receive a 50% discount off the regular list seating price.
We’re here to assist you. CONTACT US today for further details regarding any package upgrade option.