Current Scott’s Directory Customer Solutions

Are you a current Scott’s customer? Are you looking to improve your marketing and sales proficiency? We have a variety of upgrade solutions to improve your competitive edge and achieve better results.

Book Buyer - Upgrade to an Online Subscription

Streamline and improve the effectiveness of your marketing and sales activities by trading in your current-year book and upgrading to a Scott’s Online Directory account. You will receive 100% trade-in value towards your upgrade. Book must be in re-salable condition to apply.

Online Subscription Member - Upgrade options

Supercharge your lead generation programs by upgrading your Scott’s current-year online performance version with one of the following upgrade options.

Pin Pointer

PinPointer Account Holder

Obtain a 100% trade-in value on your current-year version towards your upgrade to a Profiler or Prospector Account and increase your flexibility and data management capabilities.

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Profiler Account Holder

Obtain a 100% trade-in value on your current-year version to put towards your upgrade to a Prospector and take advantage of the ability to download your most valuable leads for easy import to your CRM for sales follow-up and nurturing.


Prospector Standard Account Holder

Scott’s offers additional download capacity in incremental portions for improved control and flexibility of your marketing and sales initiatives. You can also opt for a 100% trade-in value towards an upgrade to the Prospector Unlimited Account version. This version offers unlimited download capacity during your 12-month membership term, plus up to four additional seats to improve the efficiency of your staff members.

MULTI-Seat Option for Online Buyers:

Improve the effectiveness of your staff members by adding them to your current-year Scott’s Profiler, Prospector Standard or Prospector Unlimited Account version. You may add members to your account by opting for additional licensed seats anytime during your 12-month membership term. Any additional seats requested after 6-month use of a membership term will receive a 50% discount off the regular list seating price.
We’re here to assist you. CONTACT US today for further details regarding any package upgrade option.