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List of Medical and Nursing Schools in Canada

  • Over 17,000 schools
  • Over 50,000 key contacts
  • Conduct your analysis with comprehensive listings data
  • Slice and dice the data easily within our online portal
  • Import into your CRM environment
  • Downloadable
  • Add notes and print labels right from our dashboard


*For 1st Time Customers Only. Offer Ends November 30, 2020. Free service provided by Scott’s Directories, credit card not required.

Scott’s Schools Database provides up-to-date information on an in-depth list of medical schools across Canada. Browse, search, sort and compare data of all medical schools for your business and personal needs. Whether you are prospecting, marketing or researching your target market, Scott’s Schools Database has all the answers you need.

Expand Your Business

Refine your sales and marketing efforts by getting access to data that can help expand your business. Grow your network with the help of Scott’s Schools medical database. We are the ideal solution not only for sales and marketing teams but also a great reference tool for clinics, hospitals and insurance companies. Our database goes deep consisting of over 529 school boards, 1,547 universities and colleges records along with 15,487 elementary and secondary schools’ records.

Access Canada’s leading Medical Schools Directory today.

Get the Data You Need

Browse through a wide variety of data in our school directory – all in one place. Here’s what you can expect:

  • List of Medical Schools in Canada
  • List of Medical Schools in Ontario
  • List of Nursing Schools in Canada
  • List of Dental Schools in Canada

Our data is available in a downloadable CSV format with over 20 searchable fields to explore and find the data you need.

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