The Fastest Way to Build Relationships is Not to Work on the Relationship!

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What’s your goal of this meeting?”

I asked the sales rep I was training.

“To build a good relationship,”

she proudly replied.

Sound familiar?

I’m flabbergasted at how many salespeople think this is a viable goal. Contrary to the belief that building relationships is paramount in the sales process, I assert: A good relationship is the natural outcome of everything done right.

Many salespeople approach the process believing “I have to develop a good relationship with the prospect. So, they start by asking “friendly” questions that have nothing to do with the business relationship. People see right through this sales “strategy.” They think you are phony, because it is phony. And you waste time, eating into the time they allocated to you, so you delay the process of being able to create a solid business relationship. Ironic, isn’t it?

Imagine this scenario instead…

Your focus is helping your prospect overcome his challenges and reach his goals. After all, this is what he spends most of his time thinking about. Instead of (obvious and obsequious) idle chitchat, you connect with your prospects in a way that is critical to his well-being. Which “you” do you think he will want to have a relationship (business or personal) with? The one who cares about him and his business or the one who is playing the transparent “I want you to like me” game?

When our intention is self-centered, people see through us. So be other-centered instead. Care about and focus on your prospect’s concerns, and you will reap the benefits of the strongest of all possible relationships… by doing everything right.

Here’s to successful, stress-free sales™,

Jenae Rubin

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