Canadian Medical

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Canadian Medical Database

94,000 Physicians
Profiles Include:
  • Doctor’s Name
  • Mailing / Location Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Fax Number (where available)
  • Medical Specialties & Sub-Specialties
  • Graduating University (if in Canada)
  • Year of Graduation
  • Country of Graduation
  • Degrees & Fellowships
  • Medical Interests
  • Industrial / Hospital / University Appointment details
  • Languages Spoken
  • Gender

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What Our Clients Say About Us
Excellent directory- very easy to use and offers the most detailed and up to date information! My office has been using Scott's for years, highly recommended!
Arelli Cleaning
Arelli Cleaning
They are always available when I need help with an error or question I have.
Cathy Knapp
Cathy Knapp
Excellent database with quality data and accuracy. Their customer service is top notch. A quality business partner to work with.
Jason Vance
Jason Vance
Great customer experience. Database is really well maintained!
Chris Giles
Chris Giles
An easy to use product for our clinical informatics team, great sales support and continued product growth make it an easy decision to renew each year.
Carolyn Henderson
Carolyn Henderson
Centre for Skills Development has been using Scott's Directories for over a decade. It has been a reliable source of information for our job seeking clients who are looking to learn more about different employers and industries in the local area. We appreciate the ease of use and the ability to download information into excel spreadsheets. Thank you for keeping this information up-to-date and accessible for our use!
Maryam Bakkal-Bashi
Maryam Bakkal-Bashi
Rabiya is very helpful with getting us set up yearly. Scott's Directories is user-friendly and the data is accurate. Our company will continue to use Scott's Directories in the coming years.
Rob Benn-Frenette
Rob Benn-Frenette
Scott’s Directory has been a great partner in assisting our national charity BullyingCanada in accessing up to date and accurate information about businesses and organizations across Canada, allowing us to form partnerships and lasting relationships to further our work. We have used a number of the products available, and I can say with confidence that all of the Scott's Directory line of products will meet the meets of businesses and organizations that are looking for accurate information related to corporate data. The features of the that the online database allow for very direct search criteria and provide detailed results. We will continue to use their services for years to come!
Joanne Beaudoin
Joanne Beaudoin
Rabiya is very professional and responsive...every time I need her help she always has time for me. She is a great asset to have for an employer..Thank you Rabiya.