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Scott's database has over 580,000 companies with over 1.2 million contacts to connect with.

For over 60 years, Scott’s Directories has been Canada’s leading data provider, helping business grow their business with verified, quality sales leads.

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Scott’s Directories is a leading provider of targeted sales leads for organizations of all sizes. Our Canadian business directory offers an extensive suite of Online Subscriptions spanning a vast array of industry sectors to assist you in reaching the perfect customers for your business quickly, easily and more effectively.

100% Verified Data: That means an impressive high contact rate and address accuracy that exceeds 97%, improving your response rates.

Multiple Niche Verticals: We provide lists in niche markets such as manufacturing, industrial, medical, health care, business services, education and other industry sectors.

Contact Data You Won’t Find Anywhere Else: An exclusive list of companies in Canada not readily available via the internet or other media sources.

Boost Customer Insight: Our data includes insights on executives, year established, annual sales revenue, square footage, number of employees, and more!

Multiple Connection Points: Make meaningful connections with prospects via phone, fax, or mail, as well as multi touch-point opportunities to ensure your brand or message resonates with your audience.

Quick & Efficient Online Access: Using our online system you can immediately access over 1.2 million executive contacts with just a few clicks.