Scott’s experienced Data Specialists will work with you to reach your most valued target audiences using our advanced filtering process. Based on your specified criteria, we are able to quickly and easily micro-filter our comprehensive relational contact database of over 1.2 million executives and professionals for you to obtain the right contacts you need to fuel your demand generation programs.

Custom Contact Lists are available in two types

1. Complete Custom List:

A popular option for many of our clients is a Scott’s Complete Custom list. Simply describe your target to us specifically and we can tell you exactly how many leads we have within your desired market. You would get this in Excel with all listed data fields included.

Corporate/Schools/Healthcare pricing is $0.25 per company/institution profile with a minimum charge of $500 + tax.

Physician pricing is $0.40 per doctor profile with a minimum charge of $500 + tax.

2. Direct Mail List:

Your other option is a Scott’s Direct Mail list which includes only name and address fields. This option is available for any of our databases at $0 .15 per record with a minimum charge of $600.

Either way, turn-around is often same day.  Please call us for details so we can provide you with a count and quote.

Why Scott’s Contact Lists On-Demand Will Help Your Business

Save Time

Save Time

Stop wasting time with lists from unreliable sources or manually qualifying your leads. Scott’s allows you to narrow your target audience and specify your criteria before you reach out to a single contact.

Save Money

Save Money

As an alternative to pre-packaged data, Scott’s gives you the ability to select the audience you’re most interested in reaching, improving lead generation and ROI.

Get Target

Get Targeted

Scott’s allows you to become highly relevant to your market of choice, ensuring that you only reach individuals that will appreciate and respond to your area of expertise.

How Scott's Contact Lists Work

Unlike many list rental providers, we own and maintain our entire Canadian B2B relational database. We take great pride in ensuring the accuracy of our data through a rigorous quality-assurance process to deliver you reliable and accurate contacts when and how you need them.