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Scott’s Directories offers an exclusive suite of online directory membership sites that help you market and sell more effectively. Updated monthly, our online directories deliver the power of 95% verified in-depth data with an array of tools to help you segment your audience for maximum relevance, reduce your prospecting time and speed up your sales cycle. Whether you’re in marketing, sales or looking to conduct research, Scott’s Online will help you achieve your goals.

Scott's Database Subscriptions

  • Corporate Database – 945,000 companies and 2.5 Million Contacts for the Manufacturing, Industrial, B2B Services and Corporate Industries, with over 40 fields of information. Subscriptions available in Geographic locations as well. Learn more about National Business, National Industrial, Ontario Business, Western Business, and Atlantic Business.
  • Medical Database – Profile and contact information on practicing physicians (GPs & Medical Specialists) across Canada. Also includes recent medical school graduates, and where they are working – hospitals, healthcare associations, government health ministries and medical bodies. Over 89,500 contacts and Nurse Practitioners.
    Learn more
  • Pharmacy Database – Data on over 13,000 pharmacists and pharmacies, including independent and chain drug stores, as well as pharmacies located within hospitals. Learn more
  • Dental Database – Scott's Dental Database includes information on over 25,000 Dentists and information of where they work. Learn more
  • Healthcare Facilities and Personnel Database – Has over 11,000 Healthcare Facilities including Hospitals, Clinics, Long Term Care, Retirement Residences, Home Care and Primary Health Teams and over 37,000 healthcare personnel. Learn more
  • Schools Database – Complete Database of over 17,000 Canadian Universities and schools across Canada with over 50,000 key decision makers. Learn more
Scott's Database Subscriptions

We Offer Three Different Types of Subscriptions

This cost effective and easy to use version includes:

  • Unlimited Searching, Viewing and Printing of Profile Listings (with up to 40 fields of Information),
  • Print Mailing Labels
  • View and Print Summary Reports
  • Mapping Features
  • Save Searches
  • The ability to add Notes.
  • Provides 1 User License, with the ability to purchase more.
  • 1 year long subscription term

Offering the same features available in the Profiler version, this version also includes:

  • Limited Downloads in CSV or Excel format that you can easily import into your CRM, Excel and other applications.
  • Scalable to include additional download capacity
  • Provides 1 User License, with the ability to purchase more.
  • 1 year long subscription term

All of the functionality of Profiler and Prospector Standard versions this version also includes:

  • Unlimited Downloading for the ultimate up-to-date database.
  • Includes 5 users Licenses for seamless access to pertinent data across your team
  • Additional Application Integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot and Microsoft Dynamics, so you have the instant, up to date data within your company’s CRM.