5 Outdated Traditional Corporate Sales Techniques and Selling Methods

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Various factors such as technology, the internet, mobile devices, etc., have all changed traditional selling techniques. However, several salespeople are still stuck using outdated sales methods that are hurting their productivity and company goals. Here are five outdated sales techniques that you must avoid.

1. Cold Calling

Most consumers and businesses hate receiving calls from salespeople, particularly when they have no interest or no reason for the product. Plus, this approach closes very few leads. Utilizing a business directory, such as a western directory, helps you access customized company information with CRM-friendly solutions , in order to build marketing approach specific to your target audience — meaning no more cold calling.

2. You Act Like a Salesman

Most people can see through a fake personality and when a salesperson is trying too hard. It can seem unrealistic when someone is extremely excited and enthusiastic about a boring feature or service. Be genuine and talk to your lead on a more personal level, not only as a salesperson.

3. You Seem Desperate for a Sale

If the salesperson will do everything they can to get the business or the consumer to purchase, they are a poor salesperson. If you are offering discounts and free products for signing up, without incorporating them originally into your marketing strategy, you could not only be hurting your chance of a sale but also your bottom line.

4. You Let Your Leads Sit

It used to be acceptable to call leads back when you had time. You didn’t worry about other vendors stealing them away or that they contacted other companies while waiting for your response. However, with the internet, information is available to them in a matter of seconds and they can reach out to other vendors quickly. Typically, most consumers will close with the company that reaches out them first. This means you must be proactive and stay in continual contact with leads. You can’t let anything become lost in the hustle of your day-to-day tasks.

5. Using Persuasion

In the past, most companies and consumers had to be persuaded to purchase a product. Today, that is simply not the case. You need to target your audience and find potential high-quality leads — those who are likely to convert. Whether you focus on a very specific demographic, company characteristics, or by region, you must focus on prospects those who fit with your products or services and can benefit from it.

5 Outdated Sales Techniques that Hurt Your Productivity and SalesBy avoiding outdated and old selling techniques, you will find your sales increase and you have a much easier and more enjoyable time converting your high-quality leads.

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