A Good Directory Takes Your Lead Generation Process To New Heights

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Adding a valuable asset to your team can change your fortunes in significant ways. Just ask the Toronto Raptors, who added Kawhi Leonard and turned a good team into a championship team. Accessing a great online directory is a way for your B2B sales team to also achieve championship results, especially when you’re in need of a resource-rich western directory.

Target Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia With Success

B2B sales teams with national objectives need all the resources they can handle. Successfully targeting individual markets in a country, the size of Canada can be a challenge; as good as your sales reps are, it’s difficult to cover huge territories. With access to a western database, your B2B sales people have a tool that can save them time, effort and, most importantly, take their lead generation process to new heights. The Canadian western directory offered by Scott’s Directories is a resource-rich database of information listing thousands of businesses across Canada’s four western provinces: Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. Just consider the industries listed in this directory:

1. Manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors

2. Financial institutions, investment firms, insurance firms, venture capitalists

3. Transportation and warehousing, customs brokers, freight forwarders

4. Real estate and property management, retail head offices, leasing firms

5. Construction, contractors, metal working, machining and related industries

6. Law firms, management firms, consulting, architecture, advertising, marketing

7. Associations and non-profit organizations

8. Educational institutions (universities, colleges, trade and career schools)

9. Libraries

Regardless of the industry, when your success in B2B sales is based in western Canada, subscribing to the western directory givens you up-to-date information on thousands of potential business leads. Use the search function to narrow your search to the industry, the city, the company or the person you want to reach. Use the information to develop targeted proposals and watch your sales soar.

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Lead Generation Is The #1 Goal Of B2B Sales Reps.

Sure, closing the sale earns you the pay cheque. However, you have to keep pace with attrition rates to ensure you’ve always got enough potential business in your sales funnel. Developing high-value qualified lead lists is easy when you tap into the information found in the Canadian western directory. It’s the leading sales solution for marketing teams looking to up their game.

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