Benefits of Choosing Scott’s as Your Business Database to Find New Targets

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As a business owner or marketer, finding the right target audience is essential for the success of your business. Scott’s is a business database that can help you find the perfect targets for your business. Scott’s has been around for over 60 years and has become a trusted resource for businesses across North America. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of choosing Scott’s as your business database in Canada to find new targets.

The Most Verified and Comprehensive Database:

Scott’s has a verified and extremely comprehensive business listing database. Scott’s database contains information on over 560,000 Canadian businesses, including contact information and vital data on business location, description, and other critical details. Additionally, their database is updated frequently, ensuring that businesses have access to fresh and relevant information.

Comprehensive Sectors and Industries:

Scott’s has tailored information for various industries across Canada. They have data on businesses that operate in the manufacturing, education, hospitality, healthcare, and many other sectors. This in-depth information can help you create targeted campaigns that are more likely to receive engagement.


Scott’s provides their users with cost-effective ways of accessing their database. For instance, when you purchase a business database, there are flexible subscription plans that allow businesses to access critical information that fits their budget. Their cost-effective approach has made their database accessible and affordable for both small and large businesses.

Customizable and Flexible:

Scott’s is customizable and flexible to adapt to any business’s individual needs. By choosing the right subscription plan, businesses can have access to specific information that serves their campaigns’ purposes. Scott’s helps businesses create targeted campaigns by providing the necessary information to their email, phone lists, and direct mail campaigns.

Excellent Customer Service:

Scott’s has a team of experienced customer support specialists who are available to their subscribers to help them maximize their database usage. They provide technical assistance, customer training, and consultation to answer subscriber’s questions and resolve any issues they may face.

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Scott’s is a reliable business database in Canada that has been assisting businesses for over 60 years. They provide the most verified and comprehensive data on businesses worldwide, making it easier for businesses to create targeted campaigns that translate into engagements and sales. Their customizable and flexible plan fitting any size of business’s budget, coupled with their excellent customer service, makes them the best business database partner. Choosing Scott’s as your business database partner is a wise investment that will help you grow your business.


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