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Product Description

The Ontario Industrial Directory is the publication that launched Scott's Directories in 1957. As a cornerstone to Scott's success and legacy, this directory gives you complete and comprehensive coverage on manufacturing companies in Ontario, Canada.

This is part of the Ontario Business Dataset including over 361,000 companies.

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  • Company Name
  • Complete Address
  • Telephone & Fax Numbers
  • Website Address (where applicable)
  • Executive Listing (multiple contacts and titles)
  • Business Type
  • Year Established
  • Industry Codes (North American Industrial Classification)
  • Number of Employees
  • Square Footage
  • Estimated Annual Sales Revenue
  • Products & Services Offered
  • ISO Registration

Fast, Reliable, Secure. With 35 ways to search, Scott's Online Membership gives you the power to slice & dice for precise results. These are 12-month subscriptions with numerous user benefits including monthly editorial updates. Quick same-day set-up available Mon-Fri. Includes no-charge technical support year round.

Putting all your focus into a singular strategy is never a great way to conduct successful B2B marketing. Mixing and matching different strategies to optimize response rates is the key to success. Social media, print, television, radio, direct mail and email are all vital methods to reach your targets. However, for B2B sales targeting industry and manufacturing, the best tool available is a subscription to the Ontario industrial database from Scott’s Directories.

The database includes Ontario manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, wholesale agents and transportation firms. Using the Toronto directory, you can micro target businesses and help improve your lead generation strategies. Conducting B2B sales is not an easy task given Canada’s size. Using the information found in Scott’s Directories Toronto business directory you can access thousands of companies profiles, all with their own unique sets of products and problems. Trying to convert industrial companies into clients because easier using the business directory Toronto. It begins with proper research of your potential targets, and the best place to conduct that research is using the Ontario industrial database. With multiple ways to search the database, your sales team can quickly micro-target manufacturing companies by size, by product, by location or any number of other search criteria. By narrowing the search down to companies that may actually require your B2B products and services, your sales team will have a much better chance of converting high-value leads into clients.

The directory includes company profiles on over 20,000 Ontario manufacturers. Set your sales team to task analyzing the available data and they can quickly develop lead lists that include company name, executive contact lists, type of manufacturer, industry codes, number of employees, estimated annual sales revenue and much more. This is the kind of vital information that becomes the building block of an effective marketing strategy. The Toronto directory provides your team with that kind of relevant, up-to-date information, 24/7.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Scott’s Directory has been a great partner in assisting our national charity BullyingCanada in accessing up to date and accurate information about businesses and organizations across Canada, allowing us to form partnerships and lasting relationships to further our work.

We have used a number of the products available, and I can say with confidence that all of the Scott’s Directory line of products will meet the meets of businesses and organizations that are looking for accurate information related to corporate data.

The features of that the online database allow for very direct search criteria and provide detailed results.

We will continue to use their services for years to come!

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Rob Benn-Frenette

I’ve been using Scott’s since they we’re selling books. Very helpful sales tool, easy to use, and up to date for the most part. I recommend to anyone trying to grow their sales.

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Griffin Olsen
Rome Logistics Group

Rabiya is great to work with. She responds to questions quickly and efficiently and if she doesn’t have an immediate answer she finds out quickly for you. Great to work with!

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Lyn Chrysler
Ontario Physician Human Resources Data Centre

Rabiya is very professional and responsive…every time I need her help she always has time for me.

She is a great asset to have for an employer..Thank you Rabiya.

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Joanne Beaudoin
IPL North America Inc.

Scott’s Directory has been instrumental in helping us at Habitat for Humanity (Miss-Halt-Duff) connect with local businesses for partnerships. The search function allows us to narrow our search to very specific criteria to give us precise results while also providing us with key information on the business. It has made our outreach process much faster and simpler with easy ways to download and save our search results, and we look forward to continuing their services in future searches

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Charles Digiovanni
Habitat for Humanity

We recently purchased a list that contained 2,200 manufacturers in Ontario with facilities over 33,000 sq ft in size. We were doing old fashioned mail-outs for marketing and have had results better than expected. We are looking at purchasing another list.

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Jeff Hawthorne
Global Point Energy

I’ve been using Scott’s Directories for more than 10 years now. Great product but the support you get is absolutely amazing. I recommend Bridget Wiley – incredible attitude and the willingness to help the customer no matter what. Thank you Bridget!

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Dr. Walter Paliga
Brampton Vascular Institute

My company has been using the Scotts Directory for 30 plus years, first in the Printed edition, CD edition and now the On-Line edition. Scotts has been a valuable tool in expanding our business and an excellent resource for obtaining new companies and names. I would highly recommend purchasing the Scotts Directory for your business.

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Brian L deLottinville
Trans-United Consultants Ltd.

Rabiya provided my company with excellent service. She went above and beyond by assisting me with a complex migration project. I highly recommend Rabiya/Scott’s Directory to any company.

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Walter Sima
PMC Specialist Recruitment Solutions

Easy to deal with. Great communication. It’s easy to isolate a list, and if I need help, they are around to support.

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Ryan Good
Garrison Dental Solutions LLC

Was a brand new employee about a 10 weeks ago and I could tell that Scott’s Directory had far more bells and whistles than I was using. Decided to give their helpline a try. Upon calling, I was greeted by a kind and bubbly phone assistant named Rabiya. She taught me how to create and save company lists. That action alone saved me a lot of time. She would take a moment at the end of every call to point out a feature I was not familiar with.

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Lynne Smith
BCB International Inc.
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