Defining Your Target Audience in Healthcare Industry

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Why do you need a Canadian hospitals directory or a list of hospitals in Canada when marketing to the medical field? It’s very simple, really.

It’s because any marketing effort that attempts to reach everyone will end up doing one thing – wasting a lot of effort and a squandered budget.

Marketing, if the reader will forgive us the somewhat simplistic yet apt metaphor, is a lot like fishing. You never go to just simply “fish”. There’s no such thing. You go night fishing or day fishing, trout fishing or bass fishing, shore fishing, or boat fishing… the point is clear.

You need to know what your fish is, where and when to find it, and finally what gear to use to get it caught. Missing any single one of those critically important things will lead you to a bucket full of nothing caught.

A List of Hospitals in Ontario Can Help Get Your Marketing Effort Focused

Carefully defining your target audience is the first fundamental step in any campaign.

Here are the critically important things this allows you to achieve.

  1. Defining your leads in advance allows you to cater to high-ticket buyers and spend no effort on low-level firms that produce low revenues.
  2. Basing your target audience on a list of hospitals in Canada allows you to miss no potential buyers, covering more ground.
  3. Have an organized list of potential buyers to work with and segment for future follow-ups and more specific approaches based on buyer needs.
  4. Identify key figures in the organization you are targeting and speak directly to them.
  5. Speak directly to the client’s needs, having found exactly what makes them tick.

Segmenting Audiences Using a Canadian Hospitals Directory

There are four primary ways you can use a list of hospitals in Canada to define your audience segments.

Location, Location, Location – in short, where your potential client is. Once you reach out to your buyers online or over the phone, the next step will often be to schedule meetings and presentations. Focusing on one specific area at a time can save you a lot of travel.

Industry and Needs – while most hospitals are general, there are specializations to each as well. Those define the type of materials and equipment they require.

Scale of Operations – a large hospital will have bigger purchasing power for a wider list of diverse products. Keeping this in mind as you are preparing your marketing strategy can increase its success dramatically.

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From Theory to Practice – Where to Get Audience Information

There are multitudes of information sources on the topic but by far the most efficient and comprehensive resource is Scott’s List Canadian hospitals directory. It is far more than a board. It is a robust database of up-to-date information with everything you need to achieve your goals and more.

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