Find the Target Market that’s Right for You to Improve Sales

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After putting in hours to perfect your product, you still have work cut out for you. You now have to take your product to the market and introduce it to the world. In order to market your product or service, it is imperative that you tailor your marketing and sales efforts to specifically reach the segment of population that will most likely buy your product or service.

An industry Canada business search gives you a wide audience to target. But is it wise to go wide or narrow down your search? One of the most effective things you can do to market your product smartly and efficiently is narrow your gaze – in other words, prioritize.

  • Have you defined your target market?
  • Have you understood their needs?
  • Does your product fulfill their needs?

If the answer to even one of those questions is no, you’re doing it wrong. When it comes to B2B marketing, understanding who you’re talking to and what they’re thinking is key to getting the results you’re looking for.

Here are the steps to identify the target market that’s right for you.

1. Understand what you bring to the table

Is your product solving a problem? Is it making life easier for those associated with it? Once you’ve listed out the pros of your product, start thinking about who those benefits will help.

2. Create a Buyer Persona

If you already have existing buyers, then start there. Who are they and what do all of them have in common? By digging deeper into your customer, you get a better understanding of who you’re talking to. It goes deeper than simple demographic information, and instead is all about personality, values, hobbies, behavior, and lifestyles.

3.Find the Right Data

Now that you’ve understood your product and your audience, it’s time you start finding them. It’s time to start digging up as much relevant information about the businesses and decision makers you want to reach as possible. But how and where can you find such valuable information?

Based on the persona you’ve created start shortlisting and grouping your audience with the help of a Canada industry directory database or find the right online industry directory that has accurate and updated information of your audience.

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