Healthcare Facilities Database: Enabling Effective Marketing Plans

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Are you tired of wasting valuable time, money, and resources on incorrect information from a healthcare facilities database? If so, now is the time to change. You may have the most skilled, dedicated, and hard-working marketing team in all of Canada, but unless it can access the right type of information, it will struggle to succeed.

Switch to the Right Database

You can help enable effective marketing plans by switching to a different healthcare facilities database. The trusted Canadian Healthcare Personnel database is nothing like any other database in existence. Because it is updated multiple times throughout the year, the information is always 100 percent accurate.

When you consider how often changes occur to healthcare facilities, you can see why using a database with comprehensive and updated information is so critical. For instance, to better align with patients’ needs, facilities may change their addresses. When doctors retire, some facilities close completely. Then, some facilities grow so fast that they continually bring new physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, and other medical specialists onboard.

Comprehensive Information

Without access to a trusted healthcare facilities database, even the best marketing plans will fall flat. You need to ensure that your sales and marketing team can get the information it needs to perform optimally. Beyond standard details like name, address, and phone number, the Canadian Healthcare Personnel database offers much more. Included in this healthcare facilities database are information like fax numbers, the universities in Canada where the practicing doctors graduated, and year of graduation information.

This database also provides details on medical interests, number of prescriptions per day, medical specialties and sub-specialties, degrees and fellowships, which foreign languages doctors speak, gender, hospital, university, and industrial appointments. With such a wealth of information, your sales and marketing team will launch its campaign so that it reaches the intended audience.

Since this database is void of mistakes, there is a better chance that medical facilities and professionals will respond favorably to your marketing efforts. On the other hand, information with misspellings or other incorrect information will adversely affect your business.

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Critical Opportunities

Professional marketers know when to strike. If a healthcare facility has a grand opening planned that would benefit greatly from a product or service that your company sells, it is imperative to get information to the correct address before the event. If the marketing material goes to the wrong address or does not arrive on time, you can lose an incredible opportunity. Even worse, when the material shows up after the fact, the facility and medical professionals associated with it will see your business as incompetent.

With the Scott’s Canadian Healthcare Personnel database, you will eliminate risk and enable your sales and marketing team to work more efficiently and effectively.

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