If You Want Sell Your Products and Services to an Industry in Canada Business Search Services are Absolutely Essential

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A 2016 study revealed that three of the five most competitive cities in the world were located in Canada. With lower operating costs, plentiful natural resources and a highly skilled workforce, it’s easy to see why cities like Toronto and Montreal are rated so highly in the global rankings. Of course as more companies have begun to take advantage of these factors, it has become increasingly difficult for smaller businesses to distinguish themselves from the pack.

These challenges have thrown a stark focus on the importance of market research. While your competitors might not necessarily beat you on product quality or price, their ability to reach and engage with key buyers allows them to build a more recognizable and profitable brand. At Scott’s Data directories we help a range of clients, jumpstart their market research with our industry Canada business search services.

How an Online Industrial Directory Helps Your Market Research

Drive Decision-Making

An up-to-date directory provides business owners with targeted insights that can drive their most important strategic decisions. By running an industry Canada company search, you can understand the size, scope and focus of your potential clients, as well as the products and services that are most likely to meet their needs. With this information you can work to:

  • Optimize the functionality and design of your offerings.
  • Make pricing decisions that fall in line with industry standards.
  • Determine the best distribution channels for your products, and the most
  • lucrative locations to focus your sales efforts on.

Support Marketing

Through the Internet, modern consumers can access a wealth of information on vendors and suppliers across their industry. But rather than making decision-making easier, this glut of data has the potential to overwhelm many prospects especially where highly technical enterprise products are concerned. Indeed, as we rely more and more on digital selling channels, this complexity only seems set to grow as more touchpoints and intermediaries are added to the purchasing process.

As a B2B seller, your success depends on your ability to simplify this process. If you can address your clients’ main pain points in advance, and provide responsive support for their ongoing concerns, then you can take the lead in any sales negotiation.

Our industry Canada business search services can help enable this objective. With detailed company profiles and accurate contact information in hand, you can align your marketing efforts with the specific requirements of companies in your industry.

More Effective Lead Generation

Let’s face it, nobody likes cold calling. After all, statistics show that only 1% of sales calls ever end up in a meeting while a staggering 90% of B2B calls go unanswered. When sales are the lifeblood of your business, statistics like these make for grim reading.

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However, if you could focus the majority of your outbound efforts on qualified leads that fit the profile of your ideal buyers then you would be able to boost your chances of closing significantly. That’s what you get with an online industrial directory. Now you can perform an in-depth analysis of clients across your industry to determine your ideal targets before you ever even pick up the phone.

Boost Your Market Research Today

If you want access to the most accurate, updated corporate database in the country then contact us today. We provide tailored listings and research to suit clients in every industry at every budget.

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