Pharmacist Directory

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  • Includes over 12,000 pharmacies and related pharmacists
  • Accurate and comprehensive
  • Downloadable
  • Add notes and print labels right from the dashboard
  • Fast and secure online searching and sorting
  • EZ import into your CRM environment
  • Includes discounts on premium online lead conversion services

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Scott’s Directories is a comprehensive database with information on over 12,000 pharmacies and pharmacists. We are a one-stop solution for companies looking to identify the right buyers, drive sales, and meet business goals.

Understanding your target buyers.

Scott’s Directories offers high quality accurate data, so your revenue generating teams can better understand your target buyers. With detailed data on pharmacists such as are location, contact information, and product offerings, your team will be able to create more personalized communications that will enhance relationships and drive sales.

Target your prospects geographically.

With our up-to-date registered pharmacist list, users can identify pharmacists in their area of interest and see all relevant information on the same dashboard. Our geographic filtering capabilities allow users to access our list of over 12,000 pharmacists and drill down to something as targeted as a list of pharmacists in Toronto. This ability will also aid in identifying trends in specific areas to make more informed business decisions.

Streamline your market research.

Conducting multiple manual searches across several search engines will only lead to outdated information and extensive research time. With Scott’s Directories, you can identify buyers and create a more personalized marketing campaign. Our registered pharmacist list will provide your sales and marketing team with accurate and relevant data all on one dashboard. With easy to export files, your marketing team can generate lists of quality leads and integrate them into your workflows.

Start your journey towards a better outreach strategy today. Access Scott’s Directories to perform more efficient market research and meet the needs of the market.