Methods to Get More Conversions from Your B2B Database

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Today’s data-driven market has made companies realize the importance of data. In this technologically advanced environment, access to data is easily available. It is crucial that companies use data to create and update their own databases. This is one of the preliminary steps in the sales process and helps boost the sales and marketing processes. Canadian local business directories such as Scott’s Directories can help companies set up their own B2B databases. With over 580,000 B2B company list profiles and a comprehensive and updated Ontario business directory, we can help you build your B2B database.

Companies use B2B databases to generate leads and scout potential clients. While it may help to build a large database, it is also important to be able to convert leads from them. An efficient B2B marketing database will reduce the resources and time spent by companies to find and convert high quality leads. Below are a few methods to get more conversions from your B2B Database.

Verification of Data

Canadian local business directories provide contacts that are potential leads. Databases are not all about punching names and numbers of every contact available. If their data is not verified from the onset, any errors will lead to wastage of time and resources along with an increase of ‘dead data’. Opportunities that are lost will hamper lead generation and subsequently have an impact on their conversion.

Lead Targeting Strategy

B2B marketing databases are host to thousands of profiles and contacts. It is not possible for companies to follow all the leads provided within a certain budget. They must profile and select their target criteria based on product requirements and company goals. It is important to identify high quality leads to reduce wastage of resources. Finding an efficient strategy to identify and approach lead targeting can help companies focus on those leads, and get more conversions.

Client Segmentation

It is important that companies segment their B2B marketing databases after analyzing their clients’ behaviour patterns. Segmentation based on repeat customers, successful conversions, first time interactions, turnovers, market interaction, etc. are some of the criteria to be considered. This would enable companies to understand high potential clients from the under-serving ones and thus focus on using their resources to get more conversions.


An organization is like a machine. If the parts don’t function in sync, the machine will not function at optimal capacity. Similarly, it is important to integrate the departments in the organization to utilize the resources optimally. Data compiled using CRM systems, Marketing Automation Platforms, and other Canadian local business directories must be shared with other departments. By following an integrated process, companies can use their leads effectively and convert them into sales at a faster rate.

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It is important that companies are able to build databases that will help them generate high quality leads to convert into sales. Scott’s Directories can help your company build an efficient database. Our Ontario business directory is regularly updated throughout the year. Having over 580,000 B2B company profiles that includes information regarding company size, employee strength, estimated sales revenue, and more, Scott’s Directories can help increase conversions into sales!

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