Use This Ridiculous Stat to Fuel Nonstop Sales Growth

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Everywhere you look these days, experts are proclaiming that people are 60%—or more—of the way through their decision process before they contact you or your company.

In short, they’ve been online, studying their problem or looking for better ways to achieve their objectives. And, they’ve checked out some options.

Then finally, they raise their hand and say, “I’m interested.” On the positive side, they’re impressed with what they see about your product and services – and want to know more.
But on the negative side, most of us never get contacted.

It’s Time to Stop Waiting

So we can either piss-and-moan about it – or we can get off our butts and initiate contact with targeted prospects.

When I say targeted prospects, I mean focusing on companies and individuals who could have the high likelihood of doing business with you.

Then, it’s about making smart contact, based on research, with highly relevant messaging focused on what matters to these people.

Here’s what I stand for. I believe it’s absolutely essential for salespeople to initiate contact BEFORE their prospects are searching.

This sales growth strategy has huge paybacks.

Strategies to Consider

First off, if you get in early, you can share ideas, insights and information that would help them achieve their objectives.

This then positions you as a valuable resource – someone who is truly focused on their success. You’ll never be seen as just another self-serving salesperson.

Plus, you’ll have a chance to develop relationships with key people, before they’re looking – and thus build a trust advantage.

Finally, by getting in early, you’ll be able to impact the decision criteria instead of just responding to it.

When a decision is finally made, your poor competitors won’t stand a chance. That’s what being a savvy seller is all about.

Whatever you do, don’t let that ridiculous 60% statistic get you down. Smart sellers, savvy sellers, totally ignore it – and that’s how they create their own success.

© 2015 by Jill Konrath. Jill Konrath is the author of AGILE SELLING, Selling to Big Companies and SNAP Selling. As a sales accelerator, she helps salespeople close deals faster. She’s a frequent speaker at sales kick-off meetings and conferences. Her expertise has by featured by ABC News, Fortune, Forbes, The New York Times, Entrepreneur and Inc. magazine. Click here to get her free Prospecting Toolkit.

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