What Are You Really Saying?

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When you get in front of a prospect or customer for that important meeting – What are you saying? Are you clear on what you need to say and how you are coming across? Are you prepared and presentable? What is your prospect or customer hearing and seeing?

How do you come across?

What is it that people see when they meet you for the first time? Are you dressed appropriately and look like you are ready for business? What is your mental chatter saying as you enter your prospects place of business. Are you calm and confident or rushed and scattered? Are you prepared with questions to ask, a blank pad of paper and ready to “listen” to what is being said?

You have about 3 minutes to create an impression with someone when you meet him or her for the first time. Much of that impression is based on what they see and feel versus what they are hearing. Once that impression is created that is how they are going to deal with you moving forward. If they are unsure of you and what you are saying you will have to work really hard to convince them that you are believable. If you come across as confident and prepared then they will engage with you – and you stand a much better chance of them opening up and sharing with you what they truly need done in their business.

What do you say?

Your questions will determine how the meeting will proceed. Do you ask thought provoking questions or do you just talk – Blah, Blah, Blah. Great questions create great conversations and get you to the core of what is most important to your prospect or customer in any given situation.

What preparation do you do before a meeting? Who is going to be in the room and what is it that I need to accomplish. What is the context of the meeting? What is the agenda and how will I manage the time we have? You will come across much differently when you are prepared. You have a confidence and calmness when you are prepared.
Do you speak slowly and use language that is acceptable. Or do you use lingo and slang. If you know you speak fast when you are nervous – pay attention to this and slow down. You can never speak too slow when you are nervous, so slow it down. Are you comfortable with your self? Be yourself and people will be very comfortable with you. If you are not being yourself – people pick up on this and will be unsure of you and what you are saying.

How do you behave?

Successful sales people come into every situation and act in a professional way. They create an environment that is engaging and comfortable. They will challenge customers and prospects on issues that are important. They will be proactive with solutions and opportunities and will manage issues in the best interest of both their customers and their company.

Successful reps have an attitude and way that allows them to connect with people and make them feel comfortable. They have a way of taking most situations and making the best of each opportunity. Their goal is to come up with solutions that work and have a positive benefit for their customers and prospects.

Sayers Says………

What are you saying? How are you saying it? How are you coming across to others? What is your behavior like?
What are you really saying…………….?

Bill Sayers
Contributing Author for Scott’s Sales, Face-to-Face and Performance KnowHow™ categories.

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