7 Tips for Appealing to Wholesalers in Canada

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B2B companies looking to expand their appeal to Canadian wholesalers can face a few challenges, one such challenge being that wholesalers increasingly want elevated customer service that is more closely related to the B2C industry. However, there is no need to worry. Keeping these seven tips in mind when looking to appeal to wholesale distributors in Canada can be a helpful place to start.

Good Deals

One tip is to entice wholesalers on your wholesale suppliers directory with discounts or deals. When customers are rewarded with the chance to save some money on, say, a bulk order with your company, it can be much more appealing! It can also help foster loyalty to your brand and can help you stand out from other companies.

Appealing Pitches

A second tip to keep in mind is the importance of understanding what appeals to and can help motivate, retailers. Many retailers, for example, will appreciate being rewarded with incentives when making great sales numbers, or providing referrals to your company.

Make Things Easier

The third tip for appealing more to Canadian wholesale suppliers is especially evergreen. Never underestimate how much more attractive it is to potential buyers to be able to work with a company who makes the overall process easier. If potential buyers find navigating your website and ordering process easier than when working with other companies, that can be a huge plus for them. Overall, most people simply respond better to an easy and well thought out order process, and this could even make or break whether you make a sale or not!

Be Reliable

The fourth tip is certainly related to the third tip, and is all about being helpful and reliable when it comes to shipping. Offering a prompt, and trustworthy, shipping experience every time can be incredibly appealing to potential buyers.

Good Customer Service

When it comes to the fifth important tip, it is very helpful to thoughtfully consider your customer service. Customer service can be so huge when looking to impress wholesale distributors in Canada. When your customer service is exemplary, and designed with care, it can greatly upgrade the entire buying experience. This can take some brainstorming with your team, are there follow ups that would be helpful to customers after they purchase your product? Are there areas of customer service before a potential buyer makes a purchase that can be improved? Consider these areas when moving forward.

Stay Current

The sixth tip, is all about staying attractive to potential new clients. Keeping the loyalty of your longstanding business relationships is important, but so is ensuring that you are appealing to enough new potential buyers. After all, new customers can provide growth to your overall business and are often a key part of long-term success. Specific new customer discount codes or similar offers can be a great start here.

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The seventh, and final, tip is to invest in a great quality database. Such as Scott’s Directories list of Canadian wholesale suppliers, which can help your team to find great quality and comprehensive contact information on over 580,000 B2B company profiles.

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