“Must-Do’s” for Email Marketing Success

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Undoubtedly, email is one of the most effective online marketing tools for optimizing the end-to-end business development process; from generating leads, to nurturing prospects, to conversion, to staying connected with existing customers.

Effective email marketing campaigns, based on highly relevant and compelling content, builds credibility with prospects and enhances relationships with existing customers.

To get the best results from email marketing efforts, they should be highly personalized. Don’t treat everyone in your database as a “one size fits all”.

According to Lauren Freedman, President of the e-tailing group, states: “Personalization is no longer optional, and prospects and customers are embracing personalization attempts. …Ideally, they want to be treated as individuals with unique customer tastes and preferences. … Conversion gains accelerate as marketers’ targeting efforts progress through a graduated scale from segment-based targeting to automated, one-to-one personalization.”

With these concepts in mind, here are 12 “Must Do’s” for Email Marketing Success.

1. Relevancy

Is the content relevant for that specific audience? Is the content relevant for the audience’s current position in the buying cycle? Is the content relevant at this particular moment in time? Personalization requires highly relevant content.

2. Subject Lines

Do you have a good subject line? Subject lines should be short, to the point, and relate directly to what the viewer will encounter in the content. They must compel the recipient to open the email. The subject line can make or break email marketing success.

3. Preferences/Segmentation

Do you segment your audience lists and target each segment according to their needs and preferences? You can’t engage in one to one, personalized email marketing if you treat everyone in your database the same. You must move along the one to one continuum in order to get better results.

4. Quality of Database/List

Do you have an up-to-date audience list with current contact and preference information? Or is you list dated or dead. You need to constantly evaluate the quality of your database and “scrub” it on regular basis.

5. Opt-In Strategy

You must continually grow your list to increase the number of net new prospects. A well-thought out opt-in strategy is required in order for this to happen. You need compelling offers that are specific to your target audience, and very well-designed landing pages whose sole job is to convert.

6. Timing

Do you test the timing of your emails to discover the right time to reach your specific audience? Test what works best: the beginning of a new season versus monthly, one month before an event versus one week, morning versus evening, Monday versus Friday, etc. Once again the key is to personalize.

7. Strong Welcome Email

Do you introduce yourself the first time you send an email to a new contact? Make sure that they feel welcome and valued. And speak directly to them based on their particular interest – don’t create the perception you are sending them a generic email.

8. Diversity of Content

How can you mix up the type of content in your emails so that they are fresh and interesting? Try different approaches such as promotions, education, humour, tips, etc. Base this diversity strategy on the particular segment you are targeting so that it is more likely to hit the mark.

9. Integrate Social Media and Email

Are you using social media platforms to promote email subscriptions, and conversely, email to encourage participation on social platforms? What are the social platforms on which your target audience is most likely to engage? That’s where you need to be visible.

10. Different Content Types

How can you incorporate different content formats such as videos, images, or infographics into your emails? People want to consume content in different formats these days – give them what they want.

11. Optimize for Mobile

Most emails are now opened from a mobile device, and this percentage is getting higher. Your emails must be optimized for, and render well on, mobile devices.

12. Testing

Do you regularly test all elements of your email marketing, such as subject lines, content, calls to action, timing, design, etc.? You won’t maximize your email marketing results if you don’t pay close attention to the data and make the necessary course corrections. Taking action on insights gained will help you drive better outcomes.

Any company should use email marketing as a distribution channel to engage prospects and to maintain value-based relationships with existing customers.

However, email marketing must be approached strategically to generate results. So be mindful of these must-do’s. Increased leads and conversions will follow.

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