Role of Lead Generation Providers for Business Owners Amid the Pandemic

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The year 2020 will forever be defined by two words: coronavirus pandemic. By the first day of spring, the optimism that arrived with the dawn of a new year had been radically transformed. So too had the economic forecast, as businesses struggled with the realities of a locked-down marketplace, segregated workers and an uncertain future. For Western Canadian businesses dealing with the crisis in a proactive manner, the role of lead generation providers has never been greater, which is why many are turning to Scott’s Directories Western directory.

Adapt to a Rapidly Shifting Marketplace with Better Lead Generation Strategies

Regardless of the economic climate, the fact is businesses cannot stay solvent without continuous lead generation strategies. Smart companies adapt by adding tools to their arsenal, and for marketing departments that means strengthening their capability to generate fresh leads. In a pandemic, B2B marketers targeting potential clients west of Ontario are finding the western business database offered by Scott’s Directories is an incredible resource for lead generation. Gaining instant access to thousands of company profiles in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia is an exceptionally effective method of prospecting given the information available in the western business directory. A lead generation database rich with lists of information on every industry sector from manufacturing to finance is an incredible game changer for businesses struggling to find traction during a pandemic-induced slowdown in sales. Given social distancing restrictions, it’s difficult for B2B reps to meet face-to-face with clients to nurture their business relationships. Relying on email for presentations or social media for advertising and outreach are limiting. However, accessing a western business database provides direct contact information for the key decision makers in thousands of companies. Consider the time and resources saved by simply logging into your subscription to a western directory and searching through companies profiles relevant to your sales and marketing objectives. It’s a fantastic tool when business is normal – during a pandemic, it’s a lifesaver.

Scott’s Directories Is Canada’s Best Lead Generation Database

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With Scott’s Directories, you get more than just a business name and phone number. You also get:

1. Executive listing (multiple contacts and titles)

2. Industry codes (North American Industrial Classification)

3. Number of employees

4. Estimated annual sales revenue

5. Products and services offered

From transportation and warehousing, customs brokers, freight forwarders, manufacturers, real estate and literally every industry sector operating in western Canada, find the businesses leads you need to stay successful by accessing Scott’s Directories western database. Prospect for new clients at lesser risk and affordable prices.


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