Save Time and Money by Accessing a List for Pharmacies

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Data is undeniably an expensive resource to access, regardless of the industry you are in. For sales and marketing teams looking to target the pharmaceutical industry, there are additional unique challenges. Pharmacies relocate, pharmacists frequently change, and product offerings differ. Having an up-to-date list of pharmacies will help to streamline your research resulting in more efficient workflows.


At Scott’s Directories, one of the pillars of our organization is efficiency. We want to ensure that revenue-generating teams can get the information they need in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our comprehensive list of Canadian pharmacies will allow you to get both high and low-level information in a fraction of the time.

Relying on traditional search engines will result in extensive manual searches and will not provide you with all the data that you need. This information is distributed across several different sources and websites, increasing the amount of time you spend searching and limiting the credibility of the information.


Whether it be a change in phone number or a relocation of a pharmacy, search engines do not account for these changes in a timely and accurate way. With Scott’s Directories, users have access to pharmacists and pharmacy names list. We provide sales and marketing teams with access to accurate information on over 10,000 pharmacies and pharmacists. Our database is frequently updated throughout the year to ensure you are getting accurate and relevant information.

Double-checking information and reaching out to wrong phone numbers and email addresses will only put you further back in the long run. Having access to accurate information in one place will save your company both time and money.


It can be difficult to look at data critically and make actionable decisions if you have to look across a number of different resources. With Scott’s Directories, you will have all the information you need in one, easy to use dashboard. This allows users to discover trends across the data, identify quality prospects, and come up with an actionable plan of how to effectively reach these people.

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Whether it be understanding where pharmacies are located or their product offerings, users can see all of this data in one pane to make informed decisions that will help the company meet their goals and targets more efficiently.

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